I am currently a Research Associate at the department of radiology at the University of Pennsylvania. My current research focuses on the development of novel mathematical methods for the analysis of brain MRI scans, and in particular resting-state fMRI scans.
I have recently developed a graph-based discrete optimization approach for the parcellation of the brain, and I am now working on statistical and optimization methods for the extraction of subject-specific functional biomarkers, with the aim of describing brain development and recognizing abnormal connectomes. I hope that these novel biomarkers will improve disease diagnosis and prognosis by providing a supplementary insight on complex pathological processes such as neurodegenerative diseases and mental disorders.

I graduated from the Ecole Centrale Paris, where I did my Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Nikos Paragios in the Center for Visual Computing. My Ph.D. research is described in detail in this page, which summarizes all the research projects I have personally conducted.
nicolas DOT honnorat AT uphs DOT upenn DOT edu
Section for Biomedical Image Analysis (SBIA)
Department of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania
Richards Building, 7th floor
3700 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA